Arben Kane

An entrepreneur,
a tech visionary
& a startup shrink

An arbiter in the world of technology and a relentless challenger against the limitations of the human condition. A serial founder and experienced entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in technology & venture.

I’m currently the Chief Executive Officer at Kontur Inc., a geospatial analytics platform that uses a combination of AI and innovative mapping technologies to provide visual, location-aware intelligence across business verticals.

A full stack background in vision & execution – attuned to timing, markets, teams, customers and social impact. Some call it “magic” – I come to know it more as embracing the wall of the impossible with the right agile ladder.

Latest Videos

Link to video: Arben Kane – Investment Segment
Arben Kane – Investment Segment
Reuters with Arben Kane
Link to video: Arben Kane Kryeziu on Making Money with Charles Payne
Arben Kane Kryeziu on Making Money with Charles Payne
Reuters with Arben Kane
Link to video: Faraday Future unveils electric SUV
Faraday Future unveils electric SUV
Reuters with Arben Kane

Ventures & Engagements

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Career Summary

Arben received a B.S. in Logistics from Berufsakademie Stuttgart and a B.S. in Computer Science from Fachhochschule Darmstadt. He holds four US patents in interactive video viewing and media data processing.

He has started four companies still operating today.

Founder & CEO
Board Member
  • Rosebud Ventures
R&D Studio
  • Mbloom
  • PharmaGen
  • KimchiTherapy
  • Stacked Capital
  • Stacked Venture Builder
  • Dreamit Ventures
  • Pegasus Capital
  • Code Rebel
  • Flickdate
  • Ozolio


  • Bump Networks
  • EchoEcho
Advisor / Investor
  • Assembly
  • Zombie Soup
  • Vianova
  • MegaAid
  • CCM Health
  • Electric Family
  • Lunar Digital



  • Badger DAO
  • TNC
  • RecycleGo
  • Traust
  • GoFor
  • Airsurety
  • KeyPerson
My Expertises
  • Vision
  • Market
  • Priorities
  • Timing
  • Use Cases
  • Seed & Structure
  • Advisory Board
  • The Pitch
  • MVP
  • Market Metrics
  • User Targets
  • Tech Stack
  • Runway
  • Angel/Seed/
    Post-Seed/Series A Path
  • Valuation
  • Market Entry
  • Growth
  • Talent
  • Leadership
  • Strategic Partners
  • Distribution Channels
  • Vertical Exclusives
  • Domain Expertise
  • Risk Assessment
Exit Strategy
  • Timing
  • Acquisition Target
  • Pivot
  • Failure
  • SPAC
  • IPO
  • M&A
  • Buyout Terms
Arben Kane posing in front of a window overlooking several buildings

I have been fortunate that I got a chance to help him with patent protecting some of these innovations. One such experience was a patent for Flikmedia. He is a pleasure to work with. I look forward to working with him soon again.

Deepak Gupta
Patentstarters, Bilthoven, Utrecht

Arben is an exceptional entrepreneur, mentor and partner. He has tremendous creativity, outside the box thinking and spectacular ability to look at opportunities from various unique angles…

David Warshawsky
Vuja De Sciences, Greater New York City Area

Arben is a unique example of the right balance between superb technical knowledge with business acumen, which makes him an extremely successful entrepreneur. He is capable of seeing problems in the simplest technical terms, find solutions, build them, raise money to implement these solutions, find clients, and (eventually) grow successful companies

Dimitry ( Dima ) Shimelfarb

Arben is the rarest type of mentor and a master entrepreneur. Sitting with him while he talks (and diagrams) about product and market is a revelation. He made your mind work, got you thinking creatively and rigorously, and you left with a deeper understanding of your profession. It is a pleasure to work with him.

Daniel Gelernter

Arben is an inspiration and a role model to me and many other tech entrepreneurs. He demonstrates impressive willpower, passion and expertise for technology and startups. I am confident in Arben’s abilities as a leader and innovator in the world of technology. He is a true tech genius. I am honored to be part of his professional network.

Agon Avdimetaj
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